Produce Wars Official Soundtrack: YouTube Playlist

Check out the YouTube playlist that includes all of the musical magic that will appear in Produce Wars by Norwegian debonair Waterflame. Produce Wars will release on XBLIG early 2013.

A while ago we announced that Produce Wars would have musical allure of liquid awesome (no seriously, it’s a REAL THING).

If you don’t already know who Waterflame is, please read the announcement so you can familiarize yourself with what kind of credentials this dude is bringing to the barn (Castle Crashers, among others). We’ve been humbled and honored at how cooperative and approachable he’s been since we contacted him almost eight months ago about the Produce Wars soundtrack.

We already know that his tunes will do justice to the world of Produce Wars, and we sincerely hope that we are able to return the favor by creating a fun gameplay on the side while you jam out to some of the best beats around.

Take forty-five minutes and throw the Produce Wars playlist on in the background while you work (or work out?). You won’t regret it.

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