14 Days of Produce Wars! Day 1: Killstealer

“14 Days of Produce Wars” features a new gameplay video from the beta version of our upcoming XBLIG title Produce Wars each day for two straight weeks, and developer commentary on that stage.

Dev Commentary

Killstealer features the TNT Power-up, and the huge TNT – both of which only make limited appearances in the game. The huge TNT (destroyed in the first shot) is kind of like Kuribo’s Shoe from Super Mario 3. It only makes a couple of appearances in the game, and makes the player salivate at the thought of detonating it at the right time.

This is actually one of the more difficult stages in the game, but I happened to get VERY lucky when making this video because of the chain reaction created on the first shot. Please don’t criticize the flub on the third shot. I was…hurrying.

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