14 Days of Produce Wars! Day 4: Damascus

“14 Days of Produce Wars” features a new gameplay video from the beta version of our upcoming XBLIG title Produce Wars each day for two straight weeks, and developer commentary on that stage.

Dev Commentary

Damascus seems to be one of the favorite stages from play-testers, mostly because of the name and the design of the level. It’s a good example of how I tried to create atmosphere in certain stages. The structure very clearly looks like a desert city, with carts and a wall. One play-tester even said it reminded him of Assassin’s Creed. I’ll take that as a compliment.

The video also shows our creatures in action, as the vulture knocks down two shots in a row. Creatures are another aspect we added to the game to add challenge and variety to the standard Angry Birds genre. In other videos, you will see spiders, vultures, fish, “fireboos”, snowmen, and more.

We messed around with the function of the banana for quite some time before we got a result that was useful. The swing-back ability is able to push through structures if timed correctly and is incredibly difficult to use. The payoff, however, is what you see here.

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