14 Days of Produce Wars! Day 8: A Matter of Timing

“14 Days of Produce Wars” features a new gameplay video from the beta version of our upcoming XBLIG title Produce Wars each day for two straight weeks, and developer commentary on that stage.

Dev Commentary

A small exhibition on how timing plays a huge role in a lot of the stages in Produce Wars. In addition, this stage is the perfect example of how Produce Wars is easy to play (and complete beginning to end), but very difficult to master (collect all stars and gold medals).

In this stage, you must hit the yellow switch to drop the pumpkin, and then hit it again to deflect the pumpkin into the spikes. However, if you hit the switch too soon, the pumpkin stops just above the outcropping so you don’t have time for a second chance. Hit it too late and the pumpkin falls all the way to the bottom, forcing a stage restart.

Now add the challenge of collecting the star during this mayhem, and things really get interesting. On top of that, the stage can be completed in a single shot for a gold medal. I’ve done it, and I’m eager to see if anyone else will figure it out.

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