Indie Kickstarter Roundup: Lumbermancer

It’s not every day that you see a game about a guy that can summon pieces of wood.

lumbermancer title

Lumbermancer is a quirky 2D game with charming art, and just enough weirdness to be considered clever. From creator Roger Biersborn:

The core mechanic of Lumbermancer is controlling both the lumbermancing wizard and the lumbermancered logs simultaneously! [The Lumbermancer] has the power to summon log minions to do his dark dark dark dark bidding, to cast spells, and to collect the resources to progress through the stages. He can’t directly slay the creatures of the forest though!  And he can’t defend himself! For that, he relies on [the logs]!

The core mechanic of the game requires you to summon one of four different types of logs to fight baddies, and you control these logs whilst keeping your Lumbermancer out of trouble. You can also summon sexy ham (whatever that means…).


The game looks good enough, especially at a four dollar price tag. Even better, is that the game is allegedly entirely done, so there is no waiting period after the campaign is over for you to get the controller in your hands and start summoning your kindling. Because of this, the $15 campaign goal is simply so the creator can buy a pizza and celebrate finishing the game. This campaign has 16 days to go, so go check it out on Kickstarter.


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