Indie Kickstarter Roundup: Wizard of Legend

This kind of feels like Harry Potter meets Link to the Past on steroids.


Wizard of Legend is an extremely fast-paced dungeon-crawler where you take on the role of a wizard who can cast a wide variety of elemental spells – with awesome looking pixel animation and tons of depth, there’s a lot to be had here.

From creator Contingent99:

Wizard of Legend features fast paced action that emphasizes good positioning and effective chaining of spells. With around 100 planned spells to find and master, you will be able to customize your arsenal to fit the playstyle you prefer. Experiment and discover devastating spell combinations to destroy your enemies!

The procedural generation of dungeons seems to be “a thing” now, and Wizard of Legend looks to take advantage of that as well. The pixel art is done very well, and the style of the game seems to mesh perfectly with the animation and pace of play.

This is the debut title from indie studio Contingent99, and I must stay, it looks impressive. At just a $50,000 goal on Kickstarter, it doesn’t seem that the project is too large to tackle either, and the scope seems to be well within reach. I suggest you go be a Backer of Legend and support Wizard of Legend on Kickstarter (oh, and this has already been Greenlit on Steam).

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