Fight! Loot! Repeat!


Fight! Loot! Repeat! is a simple turn-based rogue-“lite” RPG where you and your party of hero misfits travel through space and time and battle against evil, wacky, and downright ridiculous villains. Retro 16-bit graphics, rad soundtrack, wizards, ninjas, zombies, sharks, dinosaurs, and tons of loot.


What the heck is this game?

  • Rogue-“lite” RPG for PC/Mac release.
  • One part Rogue Legacy, one part Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, and one part insanity.
  • A dozen classes to choose your party from with more than 50 skills.
  • Procedurally-generated battles and zones – no playthrough is the same.
  • What? Your party met an untimely end? Don’t worry. Use your loot to power up the next team of misfit heroes and try again.
  • Ridiculous monsters? Yes. Hidden stuff? Yes. Phat loot? You get the idea.
  • Hipster emotes and cheeky humor. Kinda ironic for a zombie to be shouting “YOLO!” don’t ya think?

FLR is currently in production for 2017 release.


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